Guest Blogger: Kylee Ann Photography

Hello! My name is Kylee Maughan of Kylee Ann Photography. I was so honored when Cody asked me to be a guest blogger this week!

How did I get started?

There are some photographers who spend years developing their skills before turning their hobby into a profession. I was not one of them. I took a plunge just weeks after getting my first DSLR for Valentine’s Day two years ago. I didn’t know much about my equipment, settings or lighting when I started. All I knew was I loved photographs, I loved capturing emotions and memories and I loved working with people. I had a belief in myself that I could become the photographer I dreamed of. That’s all it took.

How did you get better at photography? 

The talent didn’t come overnight. It took practice, practice and more practice. Even two and a half years later, I am learning new techniques and improving with each session. The number one way to get better is just to do it! I learn so much from playing around with my camera at different settings and in different scenes. If you want to improve, take your camera with you everywhere you go. Use it.

I didn’t go to school for photography, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get an education in photography. I read books, blogs, and magazines. I have attended one in person workshop and several online workshops over the last few years. My favorite online workshop is Creative Live. There are free workshops just for photographers ALL the time.

The third way I got better at photography was collaborating with other photographers. It doesn’t matter if they have more skill or experience or less skill or experience; I always learn something new!!! Each photographer brings a new perspective, different technique and unique style to the group. Find a group locally or online to collaborate with. Use a more experienced photographer as your mentor.

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What struggles or difficulties have you had and how have you dealt with them?

The number one struggle that I have found living in Logan, Utah is competition. There are so many wonderful and amazing photographers in our little Valley! It seems like everyone has a friend, cousin, sister, mom, grandpa or step-uncle that is a photographer. Coming from WA, it was hard to build a strong clientele here.

It’s true that there are photographers with cheaper prices than me and it’s definitely hard to beat FREE! BUT I just learned to accept it and move on. I decided that I wanted clients who wanted me for me and not because of my prices. I have my own style and I mesh well with the people that share this style. Start shooting and posting the shoots that you want to be shooting. The clients that have the same style will find you and love you!


What advice would you give a photographer that is just starting out?

I’ve given lots advice above, but to wrap it up… Be confident. Always learn. Collaborate with other photographers. (I would love to collaborate with you!!!)

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