La Familia Cordero | Central PA Family Photographer

So I really love this family. They are not camera shy! They are very funny and also very loving. Mrs. Cordero said I hug like a Dominican! That’s what I like to hear haha. I have known Ania for years so getting to know her family was a lot of fun for me. I can see now where she gets her good looks and sassiness!

I kinda felt bad though for some of them who had recently gotten off the plane from the Dominican Republic and were freezing! We also had a horse follow us around while we were in the field taking pictures. He was very curious as to what exactly we were up to. It was a nice welcome to Utah all around! Gracias familia Cordero! Fue un gran placer!

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  1. Ania :) says:

    Gracias a ti Cody! You made it awesome and fun.

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