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I think it’s important to learn from others, their mistakes and strengths. We of course can also learn from our own mistakes, but at times we have the opportunity to look for others for advice and guidance and direction.  Although I may not know all things I have learned consciously from others..I do know some that I am aware of.

Most of these photographers have no idea how much I look up to them. (I hope they aren’t weirded out by this) As I have only been doing photography for a year, I am still trying to find my style and my own strengths. I feel like I will always be changing and growing. This is my thank you to those photographers for allowing me to grow from them and learn through their beautiful photos.

(Although, they had no choice in the matter really)

Hope they don’t mind! 🙂

Photos by Cody Paige Photography

1) What I have learned and applied: Use the shrubbery around you. Shove a girl in a bush or up to a tree limb. Get closer to the subject, it will always look good and is very flattering. (This is beginning to sound creepy haha) Be diligent and discipline yourself. Always help others and don’t feel threatened by other photographers, welcome them with open arms.

Kylee Ann Photography


Envied strengths: Kylee’s posts always make the client seem like she really cares and was truly invested in the time she spent with them. She can see the best in people and make you feel like a million bucks!

2) What I have learned and applied: Be gusty and not too main stream. Photographs are art. Using light differently adds depth to an otherwise typical photo. Edit with feeling. What is the feeling of this photo and how can I capture it effectively. Show the client how you want them to pose and they will be more comfortable posing that way. Don’t be over the top, just be cool and be yourself and people will be drawn to that.

Aya Photography


Envied strengths: Heather doesn’t just get lucky, she purposefully takes the photo they way she has envisioned and executes it thusly. She works the camera, the camera doesn’t work her. She can make anyone feel comfortable in front of her camera.

3) What I have learned and applied: Keeping your editing timeless creates timeless wedding photos. Just because it’s a wedding day, doesn’t mean it has to all be candid. Constructing a shot doesn’t make it any less magical if done correctly. It’s also ok to make mistakes, we are all growing and learning and it takes time. If you push yourself, you will get better and it will be worth all the hard work. The wedding day is about the bride, make sure she has the best day possible, and that you only enhance that.

Jasmine Star Photography


Envied strengths: Jasmine understands business and knows how to work it to her advantage with her personality. She is humble but powerful. She knows how to get the job done correctly. She doesn’t leave any client or vender with a bad taste in their mouths about her. She conducts herself admirably.

4) What I have learned and applied: Find consistency in editing and branding but don’t be afraid to switch it up now and then. Be confident in yourself and it will exude through your photos.

Sami Jo Photography


Envied strengths: I only stalk her work via internet but I can tell she has a vision for her work and creates it in a way that seems effortless. Her photos are the perfect blend of art and her style.

5) What I have learned and applied: The lighting doesn’t have to be perfect. Using depth and different angles creates a different dynamic. Think outside the box, like using the box to stand on or crawl inside. Be bold and unafraid.

-Vogue Photo shoots


Envied Strengths: Although the photo shoots in Vogue are full of different photographers, they all have a similar feel of confidence. The photographer is not apologetic of their style and their images. They are proud of their work and aren’t worrisome of what other photographers may think.

6) What I have learned and applied: Don’t be afraid of color and be true to who you are. Help the client enjoy themselves in front of your camera. Being a photographer is fun work! Always take a moment to lift someone up. Don’t be afraid to compliment others and don’t be afraid to love your husband..a lot.

Sugar Rush Photography


Envied Strengths: Lyndi leaves an unforgettable impression on you. She is always bright and cheerful and makes you feel like she really cares about you. Her photographs exude joy and fun because I know that’s exactly what her clients are feeling when they are with her. Her posts are always full of energy and Lyndi-ness! It never gets old.


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