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Kim is the perfect bride. Her hair and makeup was done by the incredible Sarah Hernandez. I feel like as a photographer a lot of people are nervous to get their hair and makeup done, but it is so important!
Kim usually has a very natural look to her and doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. It is sometimes hard to get a lot of makeup put on you and be confident it will look ok. 30% of your makeup is washed out in photos so it’s important to have a professional like Sarah do it so your features truly shine in the photos. I asked Kim what she thought about the process and to be honest. She said,  “I felt like it was a lot if makeup at first but now I can see why she did it. She is very talented and very fast! Which is always good for the wedding day. Also, the makeup wasn’t just the cheap stuff from Walmart that we put on in the morning and it fades or smears halfway throughout the day. It wasn’t going anywhere! Which is important on the wedding day so you don’t have to think about one more thing. I was nervous at first but I trusted both of your visions and skills. I absolutely loved the hair. She has great style and is very talented. I wouldn’t not have regretted having her do my hair and makeup the day of. It would have taken a lot of stress off.”

After Kim saw the photos she realized how beautiful the makeup was and also it rained during our session, and that makeup held true!

For the photos I wanted a very natural, calm, quiet session. Kim is naturally elegant and graceful and beautiful and I wanted to highlight that aspect of her and her flawless body. I was very pleased with the results even in the rain! We couldn’t do as much outside as I had wanted but I love the feel to the photos because of the rain.

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