Megan | Central PA Graduate Photographer

Megan was one of the easiest people to photograph. I swear this girl has done some serious modeling before! She’s so adorable as well, and  LOVE her smile! Congrats on finishing Grad School Megan, that’s pretty impressive!!

Hair & Makeup: Sarah Hernandez Studio 170

Megan said, “This was such a fun shoot! Cody and Sarah were fantastic to work with. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop laughing the whole morning! I was really impressed with Sarah and the way she worked. I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup (mostly out of sheer laziness). She kind of laughed when I told her that I consider it a good day if I do anything but mascara. She went with it though and kept things super simple. I still looked and felt like myself, just glammed up a bit! I felt pretty and confident. I had so much fun with everything that went into the shoot and LOVE the results!”

This girl loves Utah State and works with the Sports program so of course, we had to go down to the stadium to start out her Grad Glam photo shoot.

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