Ben & Chloe Wedding Day | Central PA Wedding Photographer

 It was my first time photographing in California, and boy was I not let down. The LDS Oakland Temple is like a beautiful palace on the hill. You can see it from any part in the city with it’s shiny gold pillars which later topped the couple’s beautiful cake. Waiting for Ben & Chloe to come outside you could sense the excitement and happiness from everyone for them. It was also very exciting for me because I served my LDS mission around that area I was able to see so many people I came to know and love. It was a very special wedding day for me because friends I knew were walking out of the very temple that day as we were outside waiting. And they remembered me! It was a lot of fun to say the least.

It was a beautiful day, perfect for any couple’s wedding day. After photos the reception was so full of fun it was exhausting! I haven’t seen so much dancing in awhile and fun unique reception activities. I think this couple is in for a long wonderful fun-filled marriage.

Congrats to Ben & Chloe on the perfect Wedding Day and a future life together!

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