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Having heard several sob stories about how women didn’t get the photos they wanted on their wedding day we decided to do a Bridal Re-Do Giveaway! We had several submissions but chose to go with Darcy. Darcy wrote and told us something I hear a lot from brides. They wish they had done bridals or had a better photographer and since they didn’t do bridals, their wedding day photos didn’t pan out because of inclement weather. I always tell my brides to do bridals, even if you choose to do them without your spouse! It’s the perfect practice for the wedding day in case anything goes wrong or you have a chance to go to different locations that you couldn’t on your wedding day OR so you won’t be rushed for time on your wedding day. Bridals are simply essential! Darcy wrote:

“I never did bridals the first time!!! What a huge mistake. I thought because I was having a professional photographer for the wedding, that bridals would be redundant. Looking back I really kick myself for not doing it as I have about 1 wedding picture that is actually respectable to hang on the wall! Our photographer ended up being totally horrible, it was raining and all of our pictures were under the Oakland temple overhang. 🙁 I just turned 30, had my second baby a few weeks ago and this year marks our 10 year anniversary! I could totally use an excuse to feel young and beautiful again.”

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Sadly for us luck was not on our side again the day Darcy had her Bridal Re-Do! It was rainy/snowy mix all day and we ended up only having about 15 minutes of daylight on an already very cloudy day. By the time we were able to take the photos. However, we did the best we could and luckily for Darcy Cherish of Studio 170 Salon & Spa did an incredible job on her hair and makeup and so every photo of Darcy looked fabulous!

Before and After of Darcy


I was so glad we were able to give Darcy at least a couple more photos of her in her beautiful wedding dress! This Mama of two really knows how to work a camera. Congrats to Darcy!

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