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It has been a fantastic year! I love looking back on memories. I think it’s important to take a minute at the beginning of every new year on what you were thankful for and all the good that happened. It’s also fun to look back when you forogt certain things and that is what is so great about photos!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to meet new wonderful people. Sam was one of those people! My friend MacKenzie, another photographer and I decided to go out and photograph together and brougth along Sam. I love a girl that is totally confident and herself in front of the camera. It is really hard to do!


More: Sam Cram

Another person I was able to meet this year was Sarah Hernandez. She helped me out with a bridal photo shoot super last minute doing the hair and makeup and of course did a phenomenal job. I literally met her minutes before the photo shoot and instantly loved her! She is such a kind hearted fun person and is so giving and incredibly talented as well. We have really had so much fun working together this year! I am serious when I say I am so blessed to call her my friend.



Sarah Hernandez of Studio 170 Salon & Spa

One of the photo shoots Sarah helped me out on was KC’s boudoir photo shoot. It was my first time doing a photo shoot like this and KC and I had a lot of fun learning together! KC of course did an amazing job and I was really happy with how the photos turned out. It was a lot easier because of KC’s natural beauty and Sarah making her look even better.


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One of my favorite opportunities I had this year was getting to go to California to photograph a wedding. I was also fortunate enough to have been to the wedding location several times before while I was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Northern California. That means I got to see a lot of people that I love so much and care abotu in that area and got to bring along my husband Josh as well. It was a short trip but was one I’ll never forget! Friends and loved ones are so important to me and being with those people again made me feel right at home.

As for the wedding itself it couldn’t have been more perfect. I didn’t get to meet the bride and groom until they were walking out the temple doors but lucky me they were a great looking couple who were easy to photograph and made for some great photos as well!


More of Ben & Chloe’s Wedding


More of Ben & Chloe’s Wedding

As we were waiting for the couple to come out this sweet Grandpa read to his grand-daughter while holding her Pooh bear. I couldn’t help but capture the moment.


More of Ben & Chloe’s Wedding

This California trip I got to see so many people I cared about but it really touched me that cute little Aaron seemed to remember me and hugged me every chance he got! I love that kid.


More of Ben & Chloe’s Wedding

Also while waiting for the couple to come out of the temple these boys were outside and said to a man walking by that he liked his tie, so the man gave it to him! He said it was the coolest thing that had ever happened to him.


More of Ben & Chloe’s Wedding

One of my favorite ring shots also came from this wedding because you can see the palm trees inside the grooms’ gold ring! I love California.


More of Ben & Chloe’s Wedding


Melanie & Cory’s Wedding


Melanie & Cory’s Wedding


Melanie & Cory’s Wedding

I love it when I get to photograph someone and they just look amazing. I think Jessica is a stunning bride. Look at that glow!


Jessica & Jeffrey’s Wedding Day

I love to help another photographer out and 2nd shoot on wedding days from time to time. This time I went with Heather of Aya Photography to Bear Lake for a beautiful lakeside wedding. The part that really touched me was when the bride showed me that in her bouquet she had a locket where she had photos of her father who had passed away. She told me it was so that he could still walk her down the isle. Beautiful.


Kim helped me out with a bridal photo shoot idea I had. The day was chaos. It was raining and snowing and at the last minute we found Sarah Hernandez to do her hair and makeup. Kim is already beautiful but I didn’t know she would be such a stunning model. The best part of the day had to be when we walked into the pasture to photograph with the horses. The horses were at the top of the hill and as soon as we walked in, one of them started sprinting right at us. Luckily he was far enough away that I was able to calmly talk him down before he killed us. Later on I realized he probably just thought we had food but Kim was still impressed and called me a horse whisperer. Then the horse decided he wanted to be in every shot and followed us around. Instead of trying to kill us I think he just really liked us!


Kim’s Bridals


Kim’s Bridals

Since it was raining we went inside the barn where I actually had my wedding reception. It was one of those moments as a photographer where you get so giddy because the photos are coming out better than you ever imagined.


Kim’s Bridals

      A surprising adventure I went on this year was photographing little girls in princess dresses for Enchanted Kingdom Creations. They make amazing high quality dresses and it has been a blast photographing these girls in the dresses. As a kid I would imagine this would be a dream come true and I love giving hte opportunity to these girls! We are always looking for more kids to photograph so feel free to message me if you are interested!

 DSC_0801 DSC_0864 DSC_0890


Speaking of cute kids, Rosy has got to be the most adorable little girl on the planet. I love this picture because I feel like it just captures the joy she has for books and reading. DSC_1210

Everett and his bowtie. Nuff said.DSC_1979

Hagloch Family

He isa  very rambunctious little boy so I really pride myself with this photo. Sometimes it’s really hard to get kids to look at the camera and smile..but when you do it is like a million bucks! Cutest family I love it.DSC_2769

Hagloch Family

When a new baby is born I feel like there is something so special about sibling love towards the newborn. These kids are so full of personality and are always a blast to photograph. I love how you can see how much big brother loves new baby Aiden in this picture, and the girls are just too cute.DSC_4782-2 DSC_4908

Babies are the only people on earth that I think are so cute when they cry. We’ll see what I think when I finally have my baby!DSC_4935-2bw

Oh and baby feet are my favorite. Their toes are like little grapes I just want to pick off and eat! DSC_5000 DSC_8206

Stevens Family


Stevens Family

That glare cracks me up!DSC_8484

Stevens Family

I absolutely love Cache Valley. It is so beautiful here! I can never get enough of all the wonderful places there are to photograph. This hidden trail we found past 2nd dam made me melt.


Paige & Zeke

For the wedding I asked this couple to bring the book that Zeke proposed to Paige with! But also I love this photo because we were trying to find a way to get them to both put their hands on the book so I could see their wedding rings. I have never laughed so hard photographing before. I almost peed my pants. You just had to be there ok?


Early in the morning. It was about 10 degrees outside. The fun thing about photographing is sometimes you have to suffer with your clients..and it’s so worth it.


Sarah & Jeff


Sarah & Jeff

These are Sarah’s adorable kids. The stuffed animal’s name is Bart. Ok I love them.DSC_0922

Sarah makes beautiful children. This family is so sweet and wonderful and I fell in love with them.


I LOVE cupcakes. They are so cute and delicious. I was so happy when she let me put her ring inside a cupcake and photograph it. Dream come true.


Melanie & Cory


Melanie & Cory

I was pretty far back for this photo and just let them talk and caught this moment. This is true love. This is why I love my job. Is it really a job though?


Melanie & Cory


Richards Family

She sat down and totally posed herself for this photo. What a doll!


Richards Family

This baby is the cutest thing on this earth. I love her. I hope I get to photograph this family again they are so beautiful.


IsBell Family

My husband and I got to dog sit for this puppy and he became our new favorite. My husband keeps asking me when we get to watch Titus again. Best dog of all time!DSC_7605

I have had the opportunity to photograph this couple several times now and it never disappoints.


Megan loves Utah State. She now works for Utah State so it was only fitting that we did the photos on the field she works on. Who knew a field would look so good?



Oh and Megan looked so good too!



Wayne was the most fun guy I have ever had the chance to photograph! He was full of laughter and seriously so photogenic. I love this one because his family was behind me coaching him cracking me up.DSC_0384


Jerika is one of the sweetest girls I know and I just loved how I was able to have the chance to photograph her.


Jerika Brown

Seriously, she’s the cutest.DSC_0654

Jerika Brown






Jessica’s photo shoot was especially memorable because I had the stomach flu! Luckily Jess is a good friend of mine and was totally understanding when I would have to take it slow but we still got the cutest photos of her because she is a rockstar. Then I went home and threw up, but not because of her gorgeous face of course!DSC_1951

Jessica’s Graduation Photos

Kelsie was my first opportunity I had to photograph someone before they headed out on their mission and it was a blast! Of course it made it easier that Kelsie is stunning and Sarah did her hair and makeup but the location and everything just made me so happy.


Kelsie’s Pre-Mission Photo shoot

Clarissa is one of my favorite people on this earth. I think she is such a genuine person and I one thing I love about photographing is trying to capture their personality through pictures.



For Mother’s Day Sarah and I teamed up to do a giveaway for a Mom that truly deserved it. Ruth was such a joy and her daughter telling us about all she does for others I hope she enjoyed being pampered and done up by Sarah and having a photoshoot with me.

DSC_2437 DSC_2695

One of the most fun but exhausting projects I did this year was when we teamed up with Gown Town dresses, Studio 170 and photographed beautiful girls in lovely prom dresses with fabulous hair and makeup! There were 10 ladies that came and it was a crazy day. But photographing women is my favorite so needless to say I was so happy with the result!DSC_2918

Gown Town Photo shootDSC_3302

Gown Town Photo shoot


Gown Town Photo shoot


Gown Town Photo shootDSC_3929

Gown Town Photo shoot


Gown Town Photo shootDSC_5008.

Gown Town Photo shoot


Gown Town Photo shootDSC_5990.

Gown Town Photo shoot

This photo shoot with Kim was at the perfect time of day and I was in photographer heaven!! Every photo had this perfect glow and Kim is the perfect model. Everything was just perfect perfect perfect!




Sometimes us photographers like to go on little adventures with other photographers. My good friend Katie of Katie G. Photoraphy and I decided to take Minden out into the woods and see what we would find! I had never been out to this part of the canyon but we got lucky and found a nice waterfall and Minden just naturally looked gorgeous in every frame. I’d say it was a worthwhile adventure.







Austin and Kelli are the cutest best friends ever. Plus they are both really pretty. So therefore, I liked their photos a lot.


Kelli & Austin

Britt is easily one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever photoraphed. You have to check out her blogpost below to see more of her gorgeous photos. Seriously why isn’t she a model yet??


Britt Berryhill

When I look back on this year and think of my favorite photo shoots this one easily comes to mind. This horse Maggie totally melted my heart. She was a natural model as well! I don’t really love horses too much, get me a four wheeler and I am good to go. But this horse Maggie was just so sweet and loving and looked at the camera like she knew exactly what she was doing.


Lyndsay & Maggie


Lyndsay & Maggie


Lyndsay & Maggie

Marissa is another one of those girls that is just so genuine and wonderful. One of the reasons I am a big advocate for getting your hair and makeup done professionally for photos is not just that it makes someone look really good, but it gives them more confidence. Marissa is a great girl and I think she really felt confident taking these photos and just glowed! I was so happy for her when she just opened up in front of the camera and I loved the results.







I am really lucky to photograph so many beautiful people. Chandler is basically perfect all over. It makes it for an awesome time as a photographer. We love beautiful people haha



Janae was one of my favorite brides this year. She is of course beautiful and has an amazing figure but also so fun to photograph with her vivacious personality that her and her husband Jackson both share. They were the cutest!!


Janae & Jackson


Janae & Jackson

Janae & Jackson had my favorite exit of the year! Everyone lined up on both sides and congratulated them and hugged them and kept the cell phone photos to a minimum which made for great photos! DSC_4850

Janae & Jackson

Not only did they have my favorite exit out of the temple but my favorite cake as well. I just LOVE their wedding cake. It’s simple but lovely and looked so tasty too. Ooh and cupcakes!


Janae & Jackson DSC_6179

Janae & Jackson


That precious face! I love this little girl. DSC_7642

This little sassy pants cracked me up. She just soaked up the camera and milked it for all it was worth.

DSC_7692 DSC_7723

I rarely photograph things besides people. But when I do I really enjoy it! This bird hung out on this branch long enough for me to capture it. I think he’s such a cutie!


One night after a photo shoot I was driving home and was just taken away by the beauty around me! This was a field near my house and I just had to pull over and take some photos. I was really glad I had my camera with me to capture it.


I love to take walks but sometimes I get bored so I took my camera with me to help motivate me. I love fall and this was the last day before my neighbor raked up their leaves and a storm blew all of the leaves off the trees. I’m glad I caught it in time! We live in a beautiful world.codypaige-8020

I recently quit one of my other jobs working at Papa Jays Jerky & Deli. The owner had me photograph some of their food they have there and although I had never done anything like that before, I gave it a shot. I especially love the picture of my sandwiches. They now have my pictures hanging up in the store and I got to look at them every day I worked which was good and bad. It’s hard to explain the feeling of seeing your work printed out on a wall. It is a thrill I never get bored of!


This is my favorite sandwich picture because first of all, I made this sandwich, then photographed it, then got to eat it. I really enjoy my jobs!


Another surprise photosession I did this year had to be the band photo shoot with The Rompstompers. I was so greateful for Tonio coming and helping set up his lights for this indoor night photoshoot and the results were rad. This band was hilarious but also really chill and fun to photograph.


The RompstompersDSC_9159

The Rompstompers

One Saturday morning I spent photographing a wonderful event to raise money for the Child & Family Support Center in Logan, UT. It was a great cause but it was also a blast! The kids had so much fun dressing up as super heroes and getting to meet their superheroes as well.

 1799861_564948830268326_885976962_o  1932783_564948056935070_1098636330_o

As a photographer I have had so many cool experiences I never would have had before and photographing this fun party for Aggie Factory was one of them.1891421_559139917515884_1319481104_o

Before the Rompstomper’s photoshoot I took some friends to practice photographing at night and we had a blast.dsc_7594

Ashley Tanner & Kelsey


Ashley Tanner & Kelsey dsc_7632

Ashley Tanner & Kelsey

I miss my favorite second shooter! Kenzie is so fun to work with and is so talented as well. She’s one of those people you just click with instantly.


Tracy was my last photo shoot of 2014 and was also one of the most natural models in front of my camera I have ever worked with. Love it girl!


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