Leisha & Trevor | Central PA Graduation Photographer

They say the couple that graduates college together stays together..right? 😉 I was so excited to get to photograph these cute kids. They are so in love and fun and quirky I love it! Plus Leisha works that camera like a champ. DSC_5153DSC_5433DSC_5581

DSC_5425DSC_5308 DSC_5156DSC_5809 DSC_5157DSC_5591

DSC_5273DSC_5261DSC_5191DSC_5820 DSC_5162 DSC_5175 DSC_5188
DSC_5207 DSC_5221 DSC_5235 DSC_5240 DSC_5243 DSC_5246 DSC_5247 DSC_5250
DSC_5318 DSC_5332 DSC_5343 DSC_5349 DSC_5356 DSC_5393

DSC_5438 DSC_5443
DSC_5453 DSC_5455 DSC_5465 DSC_5468 DSC_5476 DSC_5478 DSC_5487 DSC_5490 DSC_5492 DSC_5494 DSC_5499 DSC_5509 DSC_5533 DSC_5535 DSC_5542 DSC_5543 DSC_5548 DSC_5554
DSC_5620 DSC_5626 DSC_5646 DSC_5651 DSC_5652 DSC_5662 DSC_5666 DSC_5668 DSC_5675 DSC_5677 DSC_5685 DSC_5690 DSC_5693 DSC_5703 DSC_5710 DSC_5732 DSC_5740 DSC_5745 DSC_5751 DSC_5756 DSC_5765 DSC_5776 DSC_5787 DSC_5794
DSC_5852 DSC_5860 DSC_5889 DSC_5900 DSC_5906

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