Dorothy & Kyle | Central PA Wedding Photographer

I love couples I just click with instantly. Dorothy & Kyle were one of those couples and were a total blast to photograph. It was pretty cold out but Dorothy didn’t show that she was cold at all and totally worked it. Kyle you did good too. 😉

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  1. shailynn says:

    These are great, I love the location! They are going to be so grateful you captured these for them!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thanks ShaiLynn! It’s one of my favorite locations here in Cache Valley!

  2. Camilia says:

    I love how not dead these look in the middle of winter! Great job.

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Haha ya it was FREEZING cold but they were up for the challenge and handled it really well.

  3. jessiealexis says:

    I love how happy they look!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      They were such a fun couple!

  4. What a beautiful couple! I love the locations in these – great job!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thank you! They really are.

  5. kyleemaughan says:

    SOOO happy! Love these.

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Haha they are aren’t they!

  6. Terra Cooper says:

    Love that lake!!! Gorgeous Picts!!!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      I do too! Thank you!!

  7. Gary says:

    Lovely session. I especially love the photos on the bridge. Very well done!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thank you Gary!

  8. my favorite is the one of them walking and laughing together. pretty!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      They are just the cutest aren’t they? Thanks Sarah!

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