Papa Jays Jerky & Deli | Central PA Photographer

Papa Jays is my favorite local sandwich shop in town! They also have the best jerky in town as well. They don’t only have delicious sandwiches but I’ve never had sandwiches anywhere else like them! It will be one of the main things I miss most about Logan. I’ve been photographing their food for a year or so and at first I was TOTALLY clueless. I’d never photographed food before and had to try hundreds of different angles and approaches. We photographed some sandwiches more than once because the owner changed the look of a sandwich and wanted me to document that or to try a different approach. I added a few “before” and “afters” so you could see those and also I like to look at the improvement I had over time. The last sandwich at the end is the Turkey Italian Sandwich and is my new favorite! My mouth is honestly salivating right now for it. You gotta go try this place out, it is well worth your money. Not to mention the best jerky you’ll ever have. Go on Wednesdays and the jerky is fresh and so tender! Oh and it’s discounted on Wednesdays too. No this isn’t a paid endorsement I just like Papa Jays that much!

PS-Check out the Turkey Avocado and BBQ Beef, I not only photographed them but made those sandwiches too! So proud. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cody Paige Photography

Papa Jays:


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