Utah State Campus | Central PA Photographer

Usually I take pictures with people in them. I have always struggled with nature photos so I took my son, strapped on his carrier and we went and took some pictures of the beautiful Utah State Campus. You really can’t go wrong. Although I haven’t been to every campus on this earth I can tell you that this is by far the prettiest one I have set foot on. From the architecture to the Rocky Mountains and the Cache Valley surrounding it..it is a site worth taking in. I’m sad to say I will be leaving it soon so I have to be sure to take as many pictures as I can before we move. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part: There is a picture perfect view of the LDS Logan Temple.

DSC_4041flowersDSC_4092flowersDSC_4238flowersDSC_4246flowersDSC_4200flowersDSC_4179flowersDSC_4149flowersDSC_4018flowersDSC_4055flowersDSC_4027flowersDSC_3987flowers DSC_3995flowersDSC_4013flowers DSC_4003flowers DSC_4028flowers
DSC_4095flowers DSC_4131flowersDSC_4153flowers DSC_4162flowers DSC_4191flowers DSC_4215flowersDSC_4258flowersDSC_4294flowers DSC_4310flowersDSC_4077flowers DSC_4314flowersDSC_4266flowers

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