Amber | Central PA Photographer

Amber is absolutely stunning..but you already knew that. She is hilarious too and happens to be a fabulous hair and makeup artist if you happen to be living in the San Diego area-look her up! So of course I was stoked to take her photos and to make it even better we tried taking some in my backyard. I really like the random pretty ally behind my house but I also just love the huge tractor tire someone put on a tree. Very classy. But I didn’t know it was a tractor wheel so I would always call it the monster truck tire. Anyways Amber made that backyard look good! Even the monster truck tire. 😀

Cody Paige Photography

DSC_4488amberDSC_4604amberDSC_4405amberDSC_4337amberDSC_4639amber DSC_4370amberDSC_4663amber

DSC_4470amberDSC_4447amberDSC_4621amber DSC_4493Aamber    

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