Jessica | Central PA Maternity Photographer

Jessica is one of the most vivacious fun-loving exciting people to be around I have ever met! She is full of life and always strives to be as positive as possible. Which is why I am A: So excited for her to be  Mom and B: So excited to see what her baby will be like! I hope she is a redhead personally 😀
So even though you really can’t see Jess’ bump at she had to cling the dress to her belly and it just looked like she was sticking her belly out..congrats to Jess on her baby! We had so much fun at her baby shower I just had to take a few quick shots before she left.

DSC_1084jessica DSC_1090jessica DSC_1106jessica DSC_1119jessica DSC_1124jessica DSC_1135Ajessica

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