Jenna & Fam | Central PA Maternity Photographer

I recently relocated to Central Pennsylvania for my husband to go to Medical School. It has been a lot of work especially with an adventurous 7 month old but we have had a good time so far. We’ve also enjoyed going to the pool every day where we have met some great people, mostly thanks to my son Peter who is a big flirt with the ladies! That’s where we met Jenna’s Mom Diane who struck up a conversation with us and her daughter needing Maternity photos was brought up. Since Jenna was due in 2 weeks we knew we had to hustle to get these photos done soon as babies schedules are very unpredictable. Luckily we were able to schedule the Maternity session and meet Jenna and her beautiful daughter and studly husband Patrick. (Who was such a trooper through the whole thing!)

We also got lucky that Jenna is so dang beautiful even when she is 2 weeks from her due date! That is unheard of if you ask me. I was thrilled when they picked this stunning location Fort Hunter with a Mansion, park and right on the Susquehanna River. Perfection. So excited for this family and their newest addition who is due today!

Happy due date for Kaydence,

Jenna, & Fam!!

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11 thoughts on “Jenna & Fam | Central PA Maternity Photographer

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