Superhero Princesses | Central PA Photographer

Yay for cute adorable Superheroes! I like to call these girls The Super Hero Princesses because they are tough, cute and save the world all at the same time! These adorable girls were cracking me up the whole time. Some were nervous, some were excited and some just probably would rather be anywhere else in the world instead of being photographed but we had a blast anyways!  I loved how their little personalities came out in the photos and their adorable smiles. It’s never too soon to start thinking of your Halloween Costumes so be sure to check out Enchanted Kingdom Creations for all your Halloween or just basic costume needs. They are an amazing company that hand makes every costume with love. Plus their costumes are durable and pretty cool too!
Cody Paige Photography

Enchanted Kingdom Creations


DSC_0971superheroes DSC_1021superheroes     DSC_1117superheroes DSC_1138superheroes DSC_1157 DSC_1080superheroesDSC_1084DSC_1095superheroesDSC_1208superheroes DSC_1220superheroes DSC_1230superheroes DSC_1233superheroes DSC_1261superheroes DSC_1269superheroes copy DSC_1280superheroes DSC_1325superheroes DSC_1348superheroes copy DSC_1378superheroes DSC_1385superheroes DSC_1400 DSC_1416superheroes DSC_1452superheroes DSC_1473superheroes

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