Liza & Mason | Central PA Engagement Photographer

   Liza & Mason were the perfect copule to photograph. They are full of life, enthusiasm and LOVE for each other. I’ve never seen a couple crack each other up so much. I almost felt guilty trying to get a picture of them not smiling because they were having so much fun. So excited for them and their future together!
Cody Paige Photography

11896374_842198359210037_2000193360837442730_oDSC_6220lizaandmasoncopyDSC_5952lizaandmason DSC_6026lizaandmasonbw DSC_6044lizaandmason DSC_6075lizaandmasonDSC_6245lizaandmason DSC_6165lizaandmason DSC_6180lizaandmason DSC_6259lizaandmason DSC_6270lizaandmasonbwDSC_5765lizaandmasonDSC_5787lizaandmasonbw

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