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They call him, affectionately, Skunky-Poodle.

His actual name? Skyler Steed Skroski.

DSC_8822skylerbwThis kid actually happens to me my brother and boy, is he full of personality. My mother likes to compare him to Buddy the Elf because he is quite the goofball! We’ll get to more of that later..

This was a big year for Skyler as he recently finished one year of college at BYU-Idaho, (which he loved) but now is on to his biggest challenge yet:

Being a missionary!


In July the big day came for Skyler for him to receive his mission call!

Now some of you may not know this but Mormons don’t choose where they serve their 2 year missions-and Skyler couldn’t have guessed in a million years that he would actually be serving right in the middle of Mormon-Central:

Salt Lake City Utah!

He was thrilled, shocked and overall excited to get going!


So in tradition, we took pictures of him in the typical missionary get-up with his suit and tie and not to be forgotten-The Book of Mormon!


The only problem was the suit he wore in the photos that day..we found holes in them. Luckily, we still had one more day before he had to leave to find him some suits! My mother and Skyler set out on the great quest to find some affordable suits in time for him to leave for his mission!


And this my friends is where the miracles happen.

They were searching high and low but were having no luck so my mom pulled over the car and said a sincere, specific prayer for three suits that Skyler could use on his mission.

The next store they walked into: that’s exactly what they found, not only in great condition: but quite stylish as well! Oh and to top it off, they found them all at a thrift store!

DSC_8882skylerDSC_8887skyler Well now Skyler has been out there in good’ol Utah for a month now. He is still the same goofy guy that left-don’t let the missionary outfit fool ya. To prove it, he hurt his ankle the day he left the Missionary Training Center by jumping down some stairs. Because, of course. DSC_5682skyler

But he has told us in his letters home that he loves teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He says he is pretty awkward when he tries talking to people but he still has a great chipper attitude about it and I’m sure no one can deny that adorable goofy grin.

Our family couldn’t be more proud of you Skunky! Keep fightin the good fight!

DSC_8874skylerbw If you would like to write Skyler an email or send I would be happy to send you his info-he would love to hear from you!

Oh and here’s a picture of our cat Waffle, who decided to not leave our side during the photo shoot. 
DSC_8903skylerWritten with help from the amazing Kayla MacNeille

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