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Have you ever met someone who looks like he or she is glowing? These people are radiant. Happy. Contagious. On today’s blog, I am ecstatic to introduce Abbie, one of my long time friends and a professional when it comes to glowing.


We met working at Texas Roadhouse and were instantly friends for life. That was a couple years and a thousand memories ago. Once, when I desperately needed help cleaning my apartment, Abbie was the unfortunate victim who helped me deep clean everything. (A true friend right?) Just when we thought we were done…DSC_3801abbiebw

We opened the fridge and a huge thing of salsa came pouring out! The floor wasn’t clean anymore, and neither was Abbie! We broke out into a fit of laughter. It still makes me laugh now when I think back on it.


Abbie had no problem preparing for this shoot. She busted out her natural fashion instincts and showed up looking gorgeous as ever.


Her chic, natural look matched the earthy tones of the backdrop perfectly.DSC_4196abbiebwThe colors of the snazzy desert landscape mixed with Abbie’s stylish wardrobe and really made that summer day pop!



We couldn’t have picked a better setting to showcase her personality. She is vibrant and elegant, goofy and chic. Abbie is the kind of person who comes to a photo shoot preprogrammed with all the right poses and faces.

DSC_3721abbiebwDSC_3731abbie For this picture, the only instruction I gave her was, “Here! Hold these weeds!” Who would have thought weeds could look that good?

DSC_4253abbieDSC_4117abbieDSC_4083abbie The funny thing about this dandelion photo is she makes it look effortless..but really just got light headed after trying to get this shot because the seeds just wouldn’t blow off!! But Abbie is a pro.


Speaking of blown away, by the end of the shoot I couldn’t believe how versatile Abbie was. She is beautiful with weeds, she is beautiful when she is dancing like a fairy princess. She is even beautiful when she’s laughing at my random jokes. I had an amazing time taking her pictures to say the least.


Abbie, you’re the best. Thank you for being so amazing..for real for real.


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