A recap of 2015: My life, My Growth & My Photography

I love when a new year begins and I can take time to look back on the past year. This was particularly flew by for me because I had my first kid! My baby boy was born on Jan. 3rd 2015 and as I’m sure we have all heard from every mother on earth-it flies by. It’s also long and hard and I’ve had less sleep this year than any other in my entire life but who’s counting?┬áHaving a child did change our lives quite a bit but it also improved it and made me happier than I’ve ever been. If you are hesitant about having kids just go for it! Even my husband who really doesn’t like babies loves ours! So there’s some hope for you!

This year also my photography business changed quite a lot as well. I went from living in Northern Utah to Central Pennsylvania and having 3 jobs to being a stay at home mom and putting photography on hold for a bit. Now that I am learning to balance being a full time mom with my photography I feel like things are finally getting into a nice groove. I’ve finally found an editing system I LOVE and really enjoy the process instead of dreading it. (Don’t tell anyone that)

I think it’s important every year to start with a fresh outlook and to set realistic goals but ones that make you excited for the year and to push yourself to be a better person but also to improve your business as well. This year I have a lot of exciting changes to be announced soon!

As for right now I’d just like to look back on the year and appreciate everyone that has helped me get to where I am today.

I love my job!

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