Liza & Mason Wedding

This was not only a dream come true for Liza & Mason but myself as well. To be able to photograph my friend’s wedding photos and be a bridesmaid? Unreal. (They actually got married in the Mount Timpanogos temple in Utah but had a big reception in NC)

This was an absolute blast and pretty difficult as well. One minute I was tending to my son in the bridal room, the next I am painting signs the next I am photographing the families outside. It was a hectic day. But my oh my was it beautiful! This place was on the very tops of the mountains in the beautiful Asheville, NC with unreal scenery. I felt like this is what heaven would look like! I am so happy for Liza & Mason they are such a fantastic couple together. They laugh so much together and compliment each other so well. I can’t tell you how happy I am that they found each other and that one of my best girlfriends since I was 4 years old is now a married woman! So much happiness goin on here.

Congrats you two!!

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