The Big Announcement of 2016

I am SO excited to tell you our brand new sessions we will be exclusively offering. (For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter you’ve already heard the news! -Subscribe to the Cody Paige Club HERE)

Starting January 15th we will now be offering Documentary Family Sessions! I can’t tell you how long I have been working on this craft, researching, and fine-tuning it for this big reveal! I’ve spent a lot of time talking to mothers about their desires for family shoots and what they love and what is the not so easy parts. A lot of Moms feel at times that they have to make sure everyone is perfect before showing up to the shoot and it adds a lot of stress on them and the family. I’ve thought about this a lot over the 3 years I’ve been a photographer and have found that this is the solution you may have been waiting for. DSB_0009untitled.jpg

As a mother I totally struggle with “living in the moment” but at the same time trying to document my son for others to see him grow and develop for those that are far away. I try to photograph my son to showcase his personality and I’ve found it always works best when I just let him do his thing, and follow him around with my camera.


I love the little adventures he goes on and I love looking back at those photos and smiling as I remember his favorite toy, how he was learning to crawl and his slow progression of teeth gain. These are the moments I truly cherish. Although I do love getting all dolled up and going out with my husband and son and smiling for a camera-who’s to say you have to stop doing that? This is just another option for those of us who really appreciate the authentic, honest, candids. (You will still look fabulous in these too!)


A Documentary Family Photo Session is to showcase your personalities, your home, and what life was truly like at this time.


I’ve found that as I look back on our stereotypical family photos from growing up,  I smile at seeing how young we looked and our choice of clothes, our awkward smilies and and so on. But the ones my Mom took of us inside doing activities, running around in our crazy outfits, laying in bed reading a book, jumping on the trampoline, playing outside..those are the ones I truly appreciate that we have. All the memories flood back as I see our old furniture, our pets, toys in the background, the decorations and us of course being our crazy selves. That’s what Documentary Sessions are all about! Being yourself. The kids can play a board game, as they always do. Mom can laugh on the couch with Dad or join in on the fun for the whole family. Mom and Dad you are apart of the process too so now you don’t have to worry about capturing those moments, I can capture those for you as you just soak up every moment with your loved ones!

Of course the fun doesn’t have to be kept inside-we could go on an adventure: for a hike, a bike ride, the pool, the beach, or even just for a walk in the neighborhood. I recently photographed a family who went Christmas Tree shopping to test out this theory and it was absolute bliss for all! The fam happily picked out their tree together and gave hugs and kisses to the kids along the way and at the end we did more photos of all of them together standing in the Christmas Tree Farm smiling at the camera and then called it a day!

I’m all about what is easiest and most fun for the whole family and so I have decided to choose these 3 types of sessions to offer. This will be my primary focus from now on. Yes I can still photograph your newborns, engagements, bridals, seniors, prom photos and so on like I always have, but I have decided to turn my focus to this as a specialty and offer it has my exclusive type of photography. I am so excited for this new turn in my photo business and hope you all will be excited about it as well!


To learn more about our 3 primary types of photo shoots please view them on our website HERE.


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