Diane’s Cute Pets!

Diane and her cute pets were so fun to photograph! It was quite the adventure trying to run around photographing them each in their own element and to capture their unique personalities. I’m really appreciative that Diane had me photograph her animals because recently, the Calico kitty passed away. I am so sad for Diane’s loss but I am also glad that we have these precious photos of this sweet kitty. She captivated me with her beautiful eyes and her sneaky attitude. I also really enjoyed being able to photograph pets that are loved and in a sweet home as a big animal lover, there’s nothing better than that!DSC_7047dianespetsDSC_7295dianespetsdianespetsDSC_7064dianespetsDSC_7896dianespetsdianespetsDSC_7087dianespetsDSC_7122dianespetsDSC_7446AdianespetsDSC_7805dianespetsDSC_7557AdianespetsDSC_7177dianespetsDSC_7608dianespetsDSC_7421dianespetsDSC_7709dianespetsDSC_7131dianespetsDSC_7813dianespets

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