Susie & Her Children | Central PA Maternity Photographer

I was thrilled that we were able to photograph Susie and her beautiful baby bump before baby Gabriel was born! As we were taking these photographs it began to snow the biggest blizzard I have ever seen! The kids were thrilled but then we began to worry if Susie would be snowed in if she went into labor with no snow plowed roads and no way to get to the hospital! Luckily Susie said as soon as the roads were plowed she started to feel contractions (the real ones this time) and was able to get to the hospital in time.

So before we get to baby Gabriel’s cute chubby face I wanted to share these photos of Susie and her 3 older children. (Who totally love the camera btw, which is awesome for me!)

I love this family! I am so happy for their new addition and I think Susie makes a wonderful Mom, and a beautiful Pregnant Mommy too. 🙂

Cody Paige PhotographyDSC_0730Chase-copy4Chase FamilyDSC_0829ChaseChase Family-bw-2DSC_0685Chase-2Chase FamilyDSC_0150ChaseChase Family-bwDSC_0253ChaseChase FamilyDSC_0346ChaseChase FamilyDSC_0055ChaseChase FamilyDSC_0184ChaseChase FamilyDSC_0484ChaseChase FamilyDSC_0530ChaseChase Family-bwDSC_0432ChaseChase FamilyDSC_0378ChaseChase Family-bwDSC_0774Chase-FINALChase FamilyDSC_0716ChaseChase Family-bw

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