Kayla | Central PA Photographer

Today is this girl’s birthday I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to publish her blog! Kayla and I first met last July and I remember I was immediately drawn to her hilarious quick comments and that I felt she didn’t judge me even though we were different. I also liked of course how one day we went on a long walk and she listened to every word this Stay at home Mom had to say. Which couldn’t have been easier for her (because I can talk A LOT) and it meant the world to me.
But then when she had me take some head shots for her for a blogpost she was to have published (yay Kayla!!) I also found out she had a real talent for modeling! (Seriously!) Like most of my clients she claimed not to be comfortable in front of the camera and warned me before hand and then blows me away with how freaking photogenic she was.

So with the combo of super gorgeous+photogenic you could say these are some of my favorite female portrait sessions!
Happy Birthday Kayla. You are so fabulous!!



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