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Boudoir can be whatever you want it to be. It’s for your comfort level. It’s for my comfort level. It’s about allowing yourself to love yourself-your outside self. You may be a good person, but

do you love how you look?

Let’s not kid ourselves-it’s so important to love our bodies!! And, to love them NOW. Right now. Not 10 pounds lighter. Not 50 pounds lighter. Not minus stretch marks or scars or acne.

That’s what boudoir is about-loving those insecurities and not hiding them, but embracing them and who you are TODAY.

I firmly believe we should always be striving to become better tomorrow than we were today..but to love ourselves and forgive ourselves and then do better.

We have to love ourselves today if we want to do better tomorrow.

We aren’t perfect. Boudoir is not about being perfect. It’s not about having perfect pictures. To me, it’s about seeing how beautiful you really are, and seeing those imperfections make up the pieces of who you are and not just accepting it, but loving it, or rather, loving yourself.

Being imperfect is definitely not a bad thing. We all have “imperfections”.

And that’s what makes you beautiful. It’s not cliche it’s true!!!

So here’s my story..

When I first heard about doing boudoir I was REALLY hesitant. I didn’t know what all it entailed and I was pretty sure if anyone asked me to photograph them, I’d say no.

Over time I started to learn more about it. I saw some work my other photographer friends had done and I was shocked at how beautiful they were! I finally realized one day that I wanted to try photographing a session. I figured, I could set my own guidelines to what I felt was appropriate and comfortable for me and my rather conservative religious self. (I’m only saying this to let all you know where I’m comin from!)



But once I started doing sessions I saw them in a completely different light.

First of all, I set my own rules and standards that I wanted to keep for my comfort level while keeping it beautiful, elegant and sexy. Once I started doing shoots, I noticed the women I photographed leaving with their head held higher, a bigger smile on their face, and an increase in confidence!

It was almost like a weight was lifted off of them..like

yes you can feel beautiful AND sexy!
Not only did they feel beautiful and happy and more confident, but I also felt happier, confident, and fulfilled by these shoots! That was such a surprise to me! I didn’t know these types of shoots would make me feel like I was helping women so much!

I knew when I started my business that my favorite thing was photographing women to show them how beautiful they really are. This is why I do what I do.

If I had any doubts about what I was doing was right, I didn’t once I realized how wonderful it made me feel and how amazing these women felt too.

When you can help someone else, when you can see them let down their guard and have fun and be free to love themselves, that’s when their beauty shines through and it makes me know that this is what I need to be doing!






CP1_3027-Addie“I absolutely loved working with Cody! She made me feel at ease the entire time! We talked, laughed, and I hardly needed to think about having my photos taken. I felt beautiful and empowered and I definitely recommend doing one yourself! I was nervous about my post pregnancy body looking…well, scary…but I didn’t even think about that once we got going. It was a great experience!”


“The entire experience was hands down AMAZING! I highly recommend Cody! She was fabulous and honestly made me feel so comfortable with myself and my body. I love my boudoir portraits and I’m so happy I had her capture them”


“I never thought I would want to do a boudoir session. But when I met Cody I thought that if anyone could make me feel comfortable doing something like this, she could! And I was right! From preparation to the day I got my pictures back, she made me feel so confident. I have always been a very conservative person, so I was shocked by how much fun I had letting loose and taking these pictures.

I went into it thinking it would be a great Valentine’s Day present for my husband, and by the end of it I realized it may have benefited me even more! Cody combined lighting, expertise, and a confidence-inspiring atmosphere to make this an even better experience than I could have imagined.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me be confident about my body for the first time!”


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  1. Keala Jarvis says:

    I absolutely love this!! Your boudoir photos are so beautiful!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thank you Keala!! Such a compliment coming from you. 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    While I love this and have been thinking of doing it myself how do we ensure these pictures arnt used as a desensitized step to porn? I’m asking honestly because this is something I’ve been wanting to do myself, but I don’t want to post pictures for fear of this and then how do I have a portfolio? I keep thinking of my husband accidently seeing a session I was editing how would that go in his mind? Shoot just the pictures in this post I would be horrified if he saw because I feel the only women he should see like this is me. I feel the same for my. Clients that the only person that should see them like this is their spouse. Ugh am I over thinking this?

    1. Cody Paige says:

      You’re not over thinking it at all! I have considered all of these things before I ever posted my site. That’s one of the reasons it took me over a year to finally post it online. I was actually going to write a separate blog explaining all of this which I’ll go into depth more in that!
      1) I made sure that I felt right about it. Not just me but my spouse, and the Lord.
      2) I’ve decided to not post boudoir-like photos on social media because I want the people who are searching for boudoir shoots to find them and not people who are just scrolling through their newsfeed.
      3) I as you know am a hardcore anti-porn activist so I get ya! I have though a great deal about this part which is why first of all, I ONLY post photos of clients who have agreed to let me post their photos on my site. I also save the more revealing photos for their albums and their eyes only. And I also realized that if someone is going to look up pornography, boudoir probably isn’t gonna do it for them, especially the photos I post online.
      4) I tell my husband when I am editing a boudoir session so he never sees them. He knows to not look at my computer while I’m editing that session and I remind him when he walks by.
      5) Not only am I not ashamed in being a boudoir photographer-I truly feel this is my calling! Every session I feel like I have found the thing that I can help women and myself equally and it blows my mind that I can be apart of something that can be so life-changing!

      Hopefully that helps! Bottom line-boudoir isn’t for every photographer, and not every woman feels comfortable with it, and that’s totally fine! 🙂

  3. bwhiteley91@hotmail.com says:

    Love some of the thoughts you pointed out! I have gone back and forth on these thoughts as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thanks! Ya I went back and forth for a long time but I’m glad I’ve found a way to do it that works for me! 🙂

  4. Natalie Felt says:

    Loved hearing your insight. Very beautiful lighting.

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thank you Natalie! 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    Lovely insight.

    1. Cody Paige says:

      Thanks Erin!

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