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We’re told to cherish every day. We’re told to remember these small moments. We’re told that it all goes by too fast-Don’t blink!! And that’s why we’re told to get Documentary Family Photos! 😉

Every day is the same routine. The same time hectic schedules. The same slow and tedious moments. The same meal times and tantrums and bottles and diapers. The same messes and errands and frustrations.

And then there’s the same storybooks and smiles and giggles and cries. There’s the same cuddles and toys and favorite lullabies. Theres the prayers and the hugs and the quiet moments of peace.

There’s the moments where you are so grateful for all you have and wish you could just sit in this moment and enjoy it forever.

So where are the photos of these real life moments? Are the “perfect” moments the only ones we want to remember? Aren’t those day to day moments what we truly remember? Aren’t those real smiles and real messy faces what we tend to forget so quickly but also cherish the most?

That’s what Documentary photography is all about. The real life, the real love, the real moments. Nothing contrived or false. Just life. And how simple and beautiful is life? It is certainly something I think needs to be documented through photos.

To be able to have those moments frozen in time, printed on a paper in a book for you to treasure forever. For you to be able to always look back and to smile, cry, and put yourself back there if just for a moment. Life is always fleeting but it doesn’t have to be forgotten.CP1_7981-Peter.jpgSince I became a mother I’ve really come to love the photos of my son where I can see his “real personality” shine through. The little weird faces he makes, the way he throws his arms back with his palms up and runs like a dinosaur. The way he cries when he wants a cuddle and when he laughs when it’s tickle time.

These types of photos and sides of our kids are often not able to be captured in a more traditional family photo session. Posing can be restrictive for kids and sometimes leads to fake smiles.

But there ain’t nothin wrong with a good traditional posed family photo-Documentary sessions don’t have to replace those!

But heaven knows my son will be himself if I just let him run around, play with his toys and make his choo choo train noises. Those photos will never make it to the traditional shoot. And that’s why these are such a special treasure.


The more we are surrounded by fake pictures, fake smiles and fake happiness on social media, it makes me want to only post more real laughs, real cries, and real life photos of my kid as messy and crazy as possible. That’s just me. Everyone is different and there’s nothing wrong with that!

But i think for some of us, there’s something so special about the un-special moments.


There is something so beautiful in purity of authenticity. There’s something remarkable about not trying to be anything for the camera and just being you. There’s something beautiful about not looking so beautiful! (But you still look beautiful girl!) And there’s something awesome about Dad not complaining about posing for more family photos.


Doc. Sessions can be whatever you would like them to be. You can still dress up cute! You can still get some great outfits ..Or you don’t. No matter what, we will capture photos that express what your real life is all about-and that is where the best memories often come from.

So why do you need a Documentary Family Session?

Because you need to cherish life for what it really is-imperfectly perfect.DSC_0825untitled-Richardsons-shrunk.JPGbb3d46_09d3d0ee58724209b7cd02a76857780a.jpgbb3d46_c60f0f79845a495da613c510bee6f4eb.jpgbb3d46_a98963c52a4a4c6ab16aa0347eda185d.jpgbb3d46_18f33b3666be46cf8a02c3a01b68a2f4


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