Grace & Moses | Hershey Family Photographer

Every so often I leave a photo session feeling a renewal of how precious photo sessions can be. This was one that even though I actually photographed this shoot months ago, I still can feel the joy and love from that session now.

Grace is the type of mother who gives her all, and has, for her son Moses. You can tell Moses and her have a very special relationship. I can only imagine the hardships Grace has faced in her life but being in her presence you immediately sense how strong and loving she is.

My husband was asked to come over once a month to this family as part of his Medical School Program and invited me to photograph them because he wanted to give Grace photos that would represent the love and closeness that is their relationship.

Once over at the house I was instantly touched by the love of the home and how happy Moses was to spend time with his mother every day. They should me part of their regular routine, reading books, music time followed up by some dancing to traditional African Music Grace cherishes from growing up.

Story time Moses’ face lit up as they turned the pages and he snuggled up to his Mama. He loves classic children’s books and the colorful pictures on the pages.

After that music time was a blast to watch him hit the drum perfectly in rhythm every beat as his Mom played the piano to his drums.

My favorite part of course was the dancing when Moses invited my husband to dance with him and then ran up to me and insisted I put my camera down and dance with Moses too.

Sometimes these days we hear heartbreaking stories of children unloved or neglected but it’s the stories like Grace & Moses’ where you get to see a boy who couldn’t possibly be loved more that you realize there is so much good in this world. I also left with a sense of gratitude for my own love for my son and our tender relationship as well.

Grace is an example to me of continual selflessness and pure Christlike love that I will continue to strive for every day.


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