MacNeille Gender Reveal | Central PA Photographer

My friend Kayla invited me to come and document their Gender Reveal at Shank Park and of course I couldn’t say no to that! She told me they would be releasing Chinese Lanterns like in Tangled which oddly enough, I am watching RIGHT NOW as I’m writing this! Ha!

We were all excited as they brought their dozens of blue sheer balloons to the park to light off into the summer air. Of course none of us thought that they would be so troublesome to light so we spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to send them into the air.

Eventually one did catch flight and soared HIGH into the sky! It turned into a tiny spec and I was mesmerized by the tiny blue twinkle floating away. It was all so fun and exciting and then we lit another one, and let it go into the air..

But the most surprising turn of events was when the 2nd one that we finally got lit started to catch on fire and then the other one did as well! Sadly or romantic fairytale Gender Reveal turned to a tad bit dangerous and we decided it best not to light any more blue lanterns.

We all found it pretty funny that these lanterns were representing the celebration of a new baby coming into the world and were on fire. Good thing my friends have a good sense of humor! This kid is in for a fun ride!

I’m still so excited for these two and can’t wait to meet their bumbling baby boy. 


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