Green Family

In my life I’ve noticed that some of the sweetest spirits go to the most amazing parents. This family is one of them. When they had me come photograph their new sweet babe I was so touched by how loving and patient they were with her, and continue to be. Although no family is without struggles, this family has had their fair share this year and I admire their courage and strength through it all. Heather the mother is one of those people that walk the earth to demonstrate¬†to all of us, how we should try to be.

Just to make me smile even more, Diane from Lavender and Locks donated the floral headpiece and wreath for this shoot! If you are in need of floral arrangements, flower crowns or any floral creations-she is SERIOUSLY AMAZING. I’m obsessed with everything she does! cp1_6461-greencp1_6491-greencp1_6522-greencp1_6535-greencp1_6548-greencp1_6574-greencp1_6579-greencp1_6595-greencp1_6706-greencp1_6739-greencp1_6777-greencp1_6823-green-3cp1_6849a-greencp1_6858-greencp1_6876-greencp1_6955-greencp1_7041-greencp1_7080-greencp1_7093-greencp1_7127-greencp1_7181-greencp1_7199-greencp1_7203-greencp1_7227-greencp1_7281-greencp1_7286-greencp1_7294-greencp1_7303-greencp1_7308-greencp1_7316-greencp1_7342-greencp1_7427-greencp1_7456-green

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