McGee Family | PA Family Photographer

I hate that my best friend has to live so far away but I flew into Raleigh on my way to a friend’s wedding 4 hours away, just so I could see her and her new family! Sooo worth it.

I just love what a beautiful and loving Mother she is. She gives her all for her baby and husband and it is so lovely to witness. Not to mention what a freaking cute stud muffin she made!! My son adores him too. Destined to be besties too. 🙂dsc_9663laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9726laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggie-bwdsc_9730laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9744laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggie-bwdsc_9771laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggie-bwdsc_9792laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9810laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9824laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9863laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggie-bwdsc_9888laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggie-bwdsc_9913laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9949laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggiedsc_9998laura-karl-reggielaura-karl-reggie

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