Behunin Family | Central PA Family Photographer

This family is so full of love and smiles and were an absolute blast to photograph! It’s funny because when we were talking about where to take the pictures the Mom Jodie and I both thought of the exact same place! Great minds think alike I tell ya. And I’m sooo glad we chose this…

The Big Announcement of 2016

A lot of Moms feel at times that they have to make sure everyone is perfect before showing up to the shoot and it adds a lot of stress on them and the family. I’ve thought about this a lot over the 3 years I’ve been a photographer and have found that this is the solution you may have been waiting for.

A recap of 2015: My life, My Growth & My Photography

I love when a new year begins and I can take time to look back on the past year. This was particularly flew by for me because I had my first kid! My baby boy was born on Jan. 3rd 2015 and as I’m sure we have all heard from every mother on earth-it flies…

Jaxon Baby Blessing | Central PA Photographer

The Bodily Family got together for Jaxon’s baby blessing and asked me to take some photos of them outside of the church. This is such a fun group and the kids are the cutest. They crack me up! Happy blessing day baby Jaxon! Cody Paige Photography

Luke | Central PA Photographer

Little Luke is one year old and boy is he a stud! He is so full of life and is quite the dresser. Girls better watch out! This boy is a little heartbreaker on the loose! Cody Paige Photography    

Stevens Kids | Central PA Photographer

The Stevens kids are always so full of energy and excitement when I photograph them! I love how adorable they are too! We had a blast at our shoot together. Cody Paige Photography The Stevens kids are always so full of energy and excitement when I photograph them! I love how adorable they are too!…

Margaret & Alysha | Central PA Photographer

Little Margaret has an infectious smile and hte most precious personality. Her eyes kill me! I just can’t believe how adorable she is. Way to go Alysha, she is a doll! Cody Paige Photography        

Kaydence | Central PA Newborn Photographer

Baby girl Kaydence welcome to the world! Such a precious angel if I ever saw one. Her Mama looks absolutely fabulous for just having a baby. Kyleigh the big sister is so excited and the dog is too! I just adore this family! Cody Paige Photography

Superhero Princesses | Central PA Photographer

Yay for cute adorable Superheroes! I like to call these girls The Super Hero Princesses because they are tough, cute and save the world all at the same time! These adorable girls were cracking me up the whole time. Some were nervous, some were excited and some just probably would rather be anywhere else in…

Karen’s Goodbye Party | Central PA Photographer

Karen has easily touched countless lives in the Cache Valley Community thanks to her hard and tireless work at All About Kids. There are few people on this planet that have as much love, patience and devotion to children as Karen does. Working alongside her I was always so impressed how she knew every child’s…

Tea Party | Central PA Party Photographer

I love when I’m asked to photograph a children’s party of any kind! For one thing the decorations are always so cute and fun and bright but the kids are just so excited to be there. This particular party was a Tea Party and it was perfect! The attire, cups and plates and decorations and…

Vivian Lu | Central PA Photographer

This is one of my favorite families on the planet. They did have two boys so when we found out they were having a girl, well of course we were so excited! Vivian Lu is named after her Great Grandmother and the name couldn’t be more perfect. You can tell she already has enough spunk…