Liza & Mason Wedding

This was not only a dream come true for Liza & Mason but myself as well. To be able to photograph my friend’s wedding photos and be a bridesmaid? Unreal. (They actually got married in the Mount Timpanogos temple in Utah but had a big reception in NC) This was an absolute blast and pretty difficult as well….

Dorothy & Kyle | Central PA Wedding Photographer

I love couples I just click with instantly. Dorothy & Kyle were one of those couples and were a total blast to photograph. It was pretty cold out but Dorothy didn’t show that she was cold at all and totally worked it. Kyle you did good too. 😉                 

A Tea Party in Wonderland: Stylized Bridal Shoot | Central PA Photographer

Wonderland. The land of quirkiness, magic and enchanting creatures. Full of excitement, mystery, beauty, and adventures. That is exactly what we tried to replicate for this Wonderland Tea Party stylized Bridal Shoot. We had so many people come together to help us with this project and I couldn’t be more grateful to them! Our fabulous team had…

Paige & Zeke | Central PA Wedding Photographer

Paige & Zeke’s wedding day was beautiful and full of family love and support. My favorite part was getting to photograph the book he proposed to her with. He re-wrote the book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to be about them and asking her to marry him. Cutest proposal ever! Cody Paige Photography

Bridal Re-Do Winner: Darcy | Central PA Bridal Photographer

Having heard several sob stories about how women didn’t get the photos they wanted on their wedding day we decided to do a Bridal Re-Do Giveaway! We had several submissions but chose to go with Darcy. Darcy wrote and told us something I hear a lot from brides. They wish they had done bridals or…

Jessica & Jeffery Wedding Day | Central PA Wedding Photographer

I think Jessica is one of the most graceful brides I have seen. She is kind and beautiful but seeing her in a wedding gown to me perfection. Everything about their wedding day to me expressed Jessica & Jeffrey’s personalities. All around it was a fun filled group and I enjoyed capturing their day together.…

Ben & Chloe Wedding Day | Central PA Wedding Photographer

 It was my first time photographing in California, and boy was I not let down. The LDS Oakland Temple is like a beautiful palace on the hill. You can see it from any part in the city with it’s shiny gold pillars which later topped the couple’s beautiful cake. Waiting for Ben & Chloe to…

Jackson & Janae Wedding Day | Central PA Wedding Photographer

Janae & Jackson are seriously adorable. I loved every minute taking pictures of this awesome couple! We had a chance to do “The First Look” where we documented Jackson’s reaction to seeing his gorgeous bride. It was a beautiful day all around and so full of excitement! The reception was also full of fun as well….

Kim | Central PA Bridal Photographer

Kim is the perfect bride. Her hair and makeup was done by the incredible Sarah Hernandez. I feel like as a photographer a lot of people are nervous to get their hair and makeup done, but it is so important! Kim usually has a very natural look to her and doesn’t wear a lot of…

Photography Locations in Cache Valley Utah | Central PA Photographer

This blogpost is to categorize locations in and near Logan, Utah where I have done photo sessions for Cody Paige Photography. Some photos are from my very humble beginnings so please don’t judge them too harshly, this is purely to help see what each location offers. I chose photos that showed different parts of the…

Kylee | Central PA Bridal Photographer

I am so pleased with this bridal shoot featuring Kylee! I had a lot of help with this. I couldn’t have done it without these wonderful ladies: Featured on Photographie J’Adore Hair: Raquel Young Makeup: B. Beautiful Artistry Flowers: Salix Floral Thank you to everyone who was involved.

Tess is Stunning | Central PA Bridal Photographer

This GORGEOUS girl got married today! Here are her beautiful photos from our Bridal Session. It was freezing cold but Tess was such a champ you can’t even tell how cold she is but I was freezing so good thing we weren’t taking photos of me. I just love how elegant and posed she is…